Free Google Play Gift Cards No Offers New List 2020

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Free Google Play gift card codes 2022

How to get free Google Play Gift cards Without Offers :

Welcome to our blog and today we have come up with the best ways by which you can actually save a lot of your money. free Google play gift cards are something that every person is willing to get, but there is a very rare chance of getting them.

The official ways by which Google actually provides you gift cards seems tough to get on the lucky list, but there are many other legitimate natural ways by which you can earn them. So now we will provide you those ways, and you can choose the most effective one from the list.

1. Google Opinion rewards:

You can search at google and check for google opinion rewards. You just have to register to the site, and you can earn a lot of money from here. Google may ask you to fill surveys for gift cards, and in return, you will get gift cards or cash according to the survey filled.

Apart from this a lot of companies are in collaboration with Google, and they provide small task like watching an advertisement, writing reviews, playing games. So you are paid according to the task that is mentioned.
And there is no particular technique or knowledge required here. You can very easily earn from google using this.

2. Swagbucks:

It is a portal that is available online for getting money and other rewards. You can redeem the amount directly into your account directly in the form of google gift cards.

3. Insta Gc- a site that you must know.

It is a paying site that pay’s the individual by the survey that one fills. The amount is dependent on how much surveys you fill and the quality of survey and the company also. The site is linked with many dealers and if you use the site’s link to purchase with the dealers than you are rewarded a certain amount of points and in the last these points are redeemed directly into your account in the form of gift cards. And you also get bonus points for logging in to the site.

4. App NANA:

Appnana is an amazing app. You know this why because it is the site that pays you for playing games. By using this site if you play games or download other applications than you can earn a lot of points that are redeemed in your account in the form of gift cards.
It is really cool for those who have a passion for playing games.

5. Buy a product from google store:

This is another amazing way guys in which you just need to buy a product or service from Google. In fact not only google many popular sites like Amazon and Samsung also give rewards in the same way. They provide you with gift cards for the products that you have purchased or the services. You can use the gift card to reduce the price of the product that you have bought. More detailed post u can find here at


Thank you for reading and choose the best way for you. Don’t rely on any generator as they are fake.